What is the Employed Homeschool Mom?

Welcome to the Employed Homeschool Mom!  I’m a mom in my fifth year of homeschooling.  Each year I have homeschooled, I have worked outside the home.

I work outside the home 20-30 hours per week.  I volunteer regularly in our church and with two other organizations that requires my time- and that I be away from home. My husband is self employed and I often title myself his administrative assistant, taking care of quite a bit of the paperwork side of his business.  However, I still homeschool our child.  It is possible to work outside the home and homeschool…and I want to show you how to that on this blog!

Here is where I would love to tell you have I have maid and a chef that take care of the household chores for me…but that’s not the case.  I also do a majority of the cleaning (minus our child’s chores), laundry and cooking around our home (although cooking does occasionally mean takeout).  I often do the yard work around here too (during summer break).

It’s also my hope that if you are a seasoned homeschool mom (and I would love to learn from you too) or if you are a full time stay at home mom or a work at home mom that I would have something to offer you as well.

(I do encourage you to check out the homeschool laws and requirements in your state.  They may be different that what is required of my family.)

As I build this blog, please check back regularly for new content.



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