The Employed Mom’s Schedule

A question I’m often asked by friends and family is how I manage to work outside the home and homeschool our daughter.  Truly, in many ways, it takes a village.

Our day tends to be more in blocks of time than specifics, but for those who really want to know, I start school at 6:30 am most days.  But, that’s what works best for this morning person.  I encourage you to do what works for your family.

Before I go to work we do language arts and math.  Depending on how the morning is running, we may also work on spelling and my student may practice piano.

When I go to work, I have some options.  On a rare (and I do mean rare) occasion, she may go with me.  She may go with my husband.  She may go elsewhere for care.  While there I send the things she needs to work on, but does not necessarily need me to stand over the top of her.  She does handwriting, reading (and we always talk about it later), her Classical Conversations memory work and sometimes some extra math practice.  Sometimes I assign a journal or creative writing.  She also is reading through the Story of the World series.  She is currently on Volume 2, which you can find here:   (If you purchase though my link, a small portion of the proceeds go to this site.  Thank you for your support.)

In the afternoon/ evenings, we often work on additional science and history and geography using Classical Conversations as our guide.  She also has some type of physical education activity at some point each day.

The key to working outside the home is finding the balance that works for you.  Most days I work 5 hours a day out of the home at 4 days per week.  My day off is our community day for Classical Conversations.  We often also have school on Saturdays, especially if she is working on a special project.

So can you work outside the home and homeschool?  Absolutely.  It took me a long time to find a schedule that works.  You will find something that works for you…keep plugging away at it!




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