Making Extra Curricular Activities a Part of Your Homeschool

Even though I work outside the home and we homeschool,  I still want my child to be in extra curricular activities.  One way we do that is to include them into our homeschool curriculum.

For instance, I believe music education is important- and while I can read music- well, that’s about it.  So each week my child takes piano lessons and practices daily.  We have a fine art covered and I often answer e-mails or return calls while she is in her lesson.

Another way I incorporate activities into our homeschool is through 4-H.  Both my husband and I are 4-H alumni and believe this is a great program for youth.  I try to help my child pick out projects I know will be studying through the course of the year.  We then incorporate those projects into a particular unit of study.  So she has some hands on fun and a 4-H project completed all in one.  For us, this is another way we try and manage time.

We have other activities outside the home as well- including one for physical education.  These are just ways that we try to incorporate activities into our homeschooling.  Again, find the activities and schedule that work best for you.










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