What About Field Trips?

Field trips, especially since I work, can be tricky.  When the homeschool groups we are a part of go on group trips, I’m often at the office and will have something scheduled where I just can’t get away.  (Thankfully, my job is flexible, but sometimes I just cannot make it work.)

So, how do you fit in field trips?  For us, we often make it a part of our family vacation.  National Parks, an active rock mine, aquariums, NASA…we have done all that as a day or so of a weeklong vacation or long weekend.

I suggest you find what works best for your schedule.  Maybe you can go to a local museum on a weekend (we have done that too).  Maybe you can make your schedule work to go when other local homeschool families take a field trip.  Or maybe it’s a nature walk through your local park.  Just do what works best for your schedule.

Have you been on an exciting field trip lately?  I would love to hear about it.


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