Why Work and Homeschool?

It’s a question I’m often asked.  Why I work and homeschool.

Telling me I can’t do something is an assurance I’m going to try to do it.  I heard it over and over.  There’s no way you can maintain employment, homeschool your daughter and keep your sanity.  Challenge accepted.

We choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons.  We wanted faith to be a part of our child’s education.  Although we feel like there is a time and place for public school, we didn’t feel it was the time for us. (In our rural area, private schools are an hour away, so that was never a choice for us.  Let me also be clear, the public school district we live in is a good school district.)  I personally did not want to be tied down to the school’s schedule.  My husband’s schedule best allows for travel in the winter and we want to travel.  We wanted to make sure our child learned subjects we felt important (yes, we cover all the required ones…but include cursive writing for example.)

So, we knew we wanted to homeschool.  I felt like with only one student I could work part time as well.  (Actually, when we started this homeschooling journey, I was working 40+ hours a week.  Then I had an opportunity to do something closer to home with less hours and I accepted.)  I feel like I can still contribute to providing for our family.

I do not have a housekeeper and my house is never perfect- but clean.  If it were not for a time delay on my washing machine, I’m not sure I could keep up on laundry.  We eat a lot of meals prepared in the crockpot- and sometimes on paper plates.  I often pay bills and keep the books for my husband’s business before the sun comes up.  (I’m naturally a morning person…but I love to be in bed early.)

It boils down to this, homeschooling and being employed are what work best for my family at this season of life.  It isn’t for everyone, but if you need or want to work and are considering homeschooling, let me encourage you it is possible.  Give yourself the grace you need to succeed…and grace to grow and organize your life as you figure out how to make it work.  (It took a lot of trial and error for me!)



2 thoughts on “Why Work and Homeschool?”

  1. I’m considering this for when the kids are older and can be left to work at home while I’m away. Getting a job while the kids are young isn’t an option. No one would be home to watch them and help them with their schooling. You should think of yourself as an inspiration for those of us who hope to someday do what you do.


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