My top 5 time savers at meal time…

Work, homeschool, activities for my daughter, meetings can all take time.  Here are my top five kitchen timesavers to make sure I still get a meal on the table at dinner.

5.  Take out.  Yes, it’s a last resort, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.  (Frozen pizza also works in a pinch.)

4.  Keeping browned ground beef handy.  I try to keep some in either the fridge for freezer.  I almost always have what we need for tacos, taco salad or taco soup.  Or spaghetti.  They are quick meals my family enjoys.

3.  Salad.  Everyone at my house likes salad.  I try to keep lettuce, veggies, cheese and dressing on hand.  It makes for a quick meal or quick side dish.

2.  Meal planning.  I try to meal plan with my lesson plans each week.  I know what activities we have each night and try to plan out something that fits in the time schedule.

1. The crockpot.  I could not function a lot of days with out it.  We have a warm meal ready to go when it’s meal time that I often start at 5 or 6 am.  The food cooks all day, usually after minimal prep, while we do what we have on the agenda for the day.  (Bonus, it usually makes the house smell good too.)

What are you top kitchen time savers?




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