A laundry time saver…

I was recently asked how I stay on top of laundry.  (Some weeks, I don’t, but we’ll pretend I do for the sake of this post.)  My washer had a time delay setting on it which means I can load it before I go to work in the morning and it will be kicking off and ready for the dryer when I get home.  I also often do the same with towels before I go to bed.  If they are not folded before I leave for work, it’s not a crisis.

The other thing I do, which isn’t necessarily frugal, but is a time saver-  I take almost all my ironing to the cleaners for press only.  I dress business to business casual most days, so I have dry cleaning most weeks anyway.  I also have my husband’s shirts pressed there.

Finally, I believe in chores.  My child is responsible for folding the towels and helping put her clothes.

What do you to do save time on laundry?




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