How do you choose curriculum? My five questions.

It’s the time of year that I am starting to evaluate our curriculum choices for next year.  (Before I write any further, you should know I do not like change.)  Here’s my top five questions in thinking about choices for next year:

  1.  Is what I am using currently working?
  2. Would my child benefit from a change, even if it currently working?
  3. Will this curriculum fit into my schedule as a working mom?  (There are some excellent programs out there, but they are over the top time consuming in my opinion.  At this season, that does not work for us- in time allotment or attention span.)
  4. Can I make it fit in the budget of what I want to spend?  (I’m not opposed to buying some used books either.)
  5. Will my child benefit overall from the change?

While I really like what I use, I do think we will benefit from a change in a couple of subjects- reading and spelling.  Are you thinking about any changes next year?



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