My day, in detail.

I’ve been asked several times lately (in person if you know me) about how my daily schedule works.  I wrote about it here.  But some of you have asked for more detail, so below is generally what my day looks like.  (It’s a good guideline, but no day is ever perfectly scheduled.)

5am- I am up no later this this.  I use this time for personal time, to work on my husband’s books, start a load of laundry, start dinner, etc.

6am- Wake up my student.  Start preparing her books to work on and pack what she will take with her during the day if we will not be using it (for example, the handwriting book).

When she is ready for the day, math starts.  We most often eat and have math at the same time.  (Let me add, we have learned for her, it’s best to do math first.  Your child may do better with a different subject first.)  Once math is done, we start with English (or maybe a different subject) if we have time and then it’s out the door.

Office time-  While I work, she does handwriting, writes her spelling words (tests are on Friday mornings), reading (she is a proficient reader, so we are to the point of doing this on her own, but I do talk to her about it), read a book for a book report, any journaling, math speed drills, Classical Conversations review, etc.  When I send with her when she is not with me is items she needs to do, but  I do not need to stand over the top of her or give one on one help.

Once we are back home for the day, we finish up any subjects we need to finish and  I generally review what she did while away from me.  She also practices piano and does some type of physical activity.

At this point, it’s usually time for dinner or some evening activity (piano lessons, for example).  I’ll finish up any household chores, we may go for a walk, etc.

We strive to have our student in bed by 8pm, but let’s be real, that does not always happen.

There you go, that’s a detailed version of my day.  Keep in mind because this works for our family does not mean it will work for you.  I encourage you to find what works for you.  Make sure and give yourself grace, especially if you are new to homeschooling.






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