Handling Busy

Busy.  It’s almost an ugly word some days, but some would say something expected in our society.  With work commitments, volunteer opportunities and activities for my daughter…it can get busy.  I’m looking at next week’s schedule (you figured it out, I write and schedule publishing ahead of time most weeks) in my planner and I’ll be home one night between extracurricular activities, church, work meetings and other commitments.

How do I handle school with all this going on?  For one, I know I have a chunk of time on Saturday morning to finish up any one on one work we did not get completed Monday-Friday.  So, while I plan on six days of school this week, I’m only planning five lessons in each subject.  If we fall behind someplace, we have time to make it up.  If we do not fall behind, I’ll add in day six of lessons for the week.  (One day closer to summer break.)

With the exception of one evening, I’ll be home a while with our daughter between work and the commitments starting.  So that will provide time to finish up one on one work.

I would also add, the crockpot will be my friend this week.  We will probably be gone enough the house will not be horrible.  (I do try to clean one room a day.  Try is a key word.)

Do you have any tips for handling busy?




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