Will homeschooling work for your family? Five thoughts to ponder…

I have wrote about my schedule and what my day looks like again this week.  I’ve talked to more than one mom recently that wants to make homeschool and working outside the home work for her family, but is not sure how.  Here are some things to ponder:

5.  Find a curriculum that works for both you and your child.  (In my case, that’s Abeka and Classical Conversations.)  There is no one curriculum right for everyone- so do not be afraid to try something different.

4.  Be prepared to have a little mess in your house. We do our best to keep ours picked up, but some days between homework (maybe it’s a day we have a new hard to understand concept), work and say an evening meeting it just does not happen.  Be prepared to give yourself some grace in this area.

3.  Find the routine and schedule that work best for your family.  Just because it works best to do math at 6:30 am for us does not mean that will work for your situation.  Will 6:30 pm work better for your schedule and your child?  That’s the beauty of homeschooling, you can do what works best for you.  (In case you are wondering, it took the better part of two years for me to find a schedule that truly worked for us.)

2.  Know up front there are going to be hard days.  Just like students have bad days in a school setting, there are going to be tough days at home.  Maybe it’s a problem understanding fractions or an new concept in science.  Be ready to keep at it, even if there is a bad day now and again.

1.Give yourself grace.  Especially the first year- give yourself grace.  There are no perfect situations or moms.  It takes patience and hard work, but you can make the homeschool journey- while working outside the home should you choose- work for you.

Keep working hard Momma, you can make this work if you try.






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