Homeschooling, working and cleaning the house. My top 5 tips.

When you work outside the home there are times when the family schedule can be messy- and then the house will fall into that category too.  Add in setting aside time to homeschool and finding time to clean can be a chore.

Here are 5 things that help me (attempt) to maintain a pick up home:

5.  I keep my cleaning supply list simple.  I use E-Cloth (a microfiber cloth that requires water only) and keep this- -all purpose cleaner on hand.  I also keep a toilet cleaner.

4.  I try to clean one room each day, though on the weekend I sometimes clean the entire house at one time- if time allows.  I find it easiest to clean before the rest of my crew is awake for the day

3.  We try to do a quick pick up before leaving each morning and going to bed each night.  (Try is a key word.)

2.  Continually work to find a cleaning schedule that works for you.  I’m still not in love with mine and am trying to find a way to make it work better.

1. Give yourself grace.  There are days I’m not sure I get much done but a quick pick up.  Getting our lessons done for the day will always trump any deep cleaning.  Work to find a schedule that works with your job, homeschool schedule and family.

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