Learning through gardening…


One of my favorite summer activities is gardening.  (Yes, we do take a summer break.)  I started my plants a while back (with the help of my daughter) and my daughter and I have enjoyed watching the plants grow, talking about how they grow, planning our garden, etc.  She also takes gardening as a 4-H project, so I’m thrilled to have her help and involvement.

Gardening is a great real life horticulture lesson.  It’s not a planned lesson or activity (except for what she is required to plan for her 4-H project), but she certainly is learning.  Maybe you do not garden, but have another hobby as a homeschool parent.  Is there something your child could learn from you by participating in your hobby?


One thought on “Learning through gardening…”

  1. All of my children learned to garden, and we had some wonderful times. They helped at farmers’ market, led tours of the gardens, gave talks…..all great experiences that gave them confidence and skills. None of them garden much now (all live in cities…no, I can’t figure that one out either) but it’s great to know that if they ever want to, or need to, they can grow their own food.

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