Planning a summer schedule…

It’s time (for me at least) to start planning ahead for a summer schedule.  We are winding down our school year. I have the church summer calendar for the kids and I have a decent idea on the 4-H calendar.

So why start planning now?  So many of these fun activities will take place while I’m at work.  Our church is in the same town as my job.  So there will be a handful of days that I’ll drop her off at church in the morning and pick her up with about an hour left at the office.  That will be a good time to schedule in summer reading.

We are still trying to figure out church camp, but there’s a chance I’ll rearrange my schedule to go.  As for 4-H, I switch my schedule around 4-H week.  (I am blessed to  be able to switch around hours/ day off when needed.)

There’s other things going on the calendar as well.  I just have to figure out where to put them.  However, because I work outside the home, it’s important I plan these things in advance so my job is covered- and my child has a great summer as well.

How do you schedule your summer?


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