Words on Wednesday


I’m continuing my series on our summer schedule this week.  While I do encourage reading every day, I insist on reading some kind of book on Wednesday in the summer.  I try to buy some fun ones ahead of summer and we also use the library.  Normally the reading occurs at home, but give the day, I may send it with her for the day.

Right now, we are enjoying a couple of books from the library.  (Disclaimer, my child specifically asked for a Spanish and Latin book and of course a Barbie collector book was nearby.   Also, CC friends, this is Latin nouns, etc.)

As for Thursday, Friday and the weekend…it’s summer.  If she wants to do something great, but I do not expect any type of schoolwork.  Sometimes our Tuesday project will spill over though, and that’s fine.

Do you have a summer schedule that works for your family?


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