Homeschool and Summer Camps

We finally hit the age where my homeschooler can attend summer camps.  She’s been to two and has one more sports camp left.  Interestingly, two of the three camps have been connected to the public school, but both were attended with other children she knew.  Plus, they were only around and hour a day.  I knew (or will know) the adults in charge, so I was comfortable.

Then came the first overnight to church camp (that I may or may not admit left me a sobbing mess).  An adult from our church was attending with our church children, so I knew she would be fine.

Friends, if you are like me and your child has always been where you could check on them, nothing quite prepares you for an overnight at camp- even if she was being watched by a dear friend.  I had suggested to my daughter earlier this summer I could go and help and the camp and was met with “absolutely not.”  Apparently, she has realized I volunteer for 99% of the things she is involved in and she has decided a little breathing room would be nice.

While I do not suggest leaving your child with a perfect stranger, church camp was a good experience for her.  She had the opportunity be with others her age and learn and enjoy church camp.  I had someone I trust that was there and watching out for her.  (And yes, I may have checked the camp’s Facebook page a few times in the 24 hours she was gone.)

Eventually, she is going to go off to college and live on her own.  Hopefully, small experiences like this will begin to prepare the both of us.

Have you sent your homeschooler to any type of camp?  I’d love to know about it!




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