Finding Routine

Now that Classical Conversations has started back up and we are in full homeschool schedule mode, finding our routine is important.  Yes, it changes from year to year.  Here’s a few tips I find helpful as a mom who works outside the home:

-Keep going to bed and waking up consistent times.  (Because I work outside the home, this has to stay consistent for our summer break so for the most part tends to be a non issue when we start school.)

-Find a schedule that works well and stick with it as much as possible.  Of course this takes trial and error.  (It took me about four years to figure out it worked best for us to have piano lesson and a sports activity on the same night.)

-A morning routine is important to me.  I wake up early to have time alone and also handle some things for my husband’s business.  I also often use this time to put dinner (or at least part of it) in the crockpot.  If you aren’t a morning person, an evening routine may work well for you.

-I spend a little time each weekend doing lesson and meal plans for the next week.

While routines often work for a season, they sometimes need change.  I’m actually working to incorporate some things into our family schedule this fall on my afternoon off that will get us ahead of some activities next summer.

Do you have a great routine tip?  I’d love to hear it!


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