Sometimes Life Changes

Sometimes life changes.  If only I could describe the whirlwind of the past few months.  We went into September knowing September and October would be busy.  Health issues with some immediate family.  Followed by a busy time of year with my current job- and for my husband.

In the middle of all the craziness, I had a call out of the blue asking me to consider a new position.  It is a great opportunity for me professionally and in a lot of ways good for my family.  But it means leaving Classical Conversations.  (Let me interject- we love CC.  We think it’s a wonderful program.  If I could do it all again, I would.)  We prayed.  I struggled.  But ultimately, I need to walk in obedience.  So I’m taking the new position.

This means a huge schedule change for our family.  I haven’t started yet- but my day off changes and my work days are a tad longer.  Because I felt it best all the changes not start the same week, we have went ahead and switched to Abeka for everything but reading and geography.  We are working to memorize drawing the USA in geography, and I want to continue.  (I’ll share more in another post.)

This is going to completely change what my schedule looks like.  I hope to be able to share the journey with you.  I’m envisioning a lot more crockpot meals.  I shared a while back, but the last couple of months, we have ate out too much.  I’m starting to find my cooking groove again.

Have you changed jobs and turned your family’s schedule upside down?  I’d love to hear your advice.

I also hope not to be so quite on here.  (Maybe overwhelming is the word for the last two months?)





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