A New Schedule…

This week starts the second week of my new job.  More importantly, a new family schedule.  Due to my child being under the weather last week, we did not seem to find a schedule that fit us well.  She wasn’t well enough to do school a few days last week.

My wake up time remains the same.  I think my student will be able to sleep  about 15 minutes longer most mornings.  On the days she has evening activities, most of the time Dad is going to pick up her and take her to the earliest one.  We are also going to try to do a little less school before work and more school after work and see how that goes for a few weeks.  My student is not a morning person like me.

This new schedule is also going to mean a lot of crockpot meals for my family.  My work week is a few hours more than in the past, meaning I arrive home later in the day.  (Chili in the crockpot for tonight.)

When your family schedule is turned upside down, do you have any tips to share about finding a new one?



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