Managing Extracurricular Activities

I’m often asked how I manage my child’s extracurricular activities, homeschool and work.  Right now, outside of church, we have on athletic extracurricular, piano lessons and participate in 4-H.

I worked our schedule where the athletic activity and piano lessons are on the same night in the town we live.  (The athletic activity is not a competitive sport, so while they do have some “performances” we are not gone every weekend with it.)  So, I am only gone a chunk of one evening for two activities.  On this night, our meal is usually from the slow cook (or lets be real, it’s sometimes carryout).

We attend church one night each week too.  The meal is provided there.

Our 4-H club meets on a weekend afternoon once a month.  We attend workshops and other 4-H events as our child is interested and it fits in our schedule.  I have one day off each week and we try to work on a project (or part of one) each week.  As a matter of fact, she finished one while I was off for Thanksgiving break.  I’ve written about this before, but I sometimes tie 4-H projects into schoolwork.

Do we sometimes say no to activities?  Absolutely.  You have to do what works best for your family.  We live in a rural area, so what is offered for children here is somewhat limited- which is sometimes good, sometimes bad.

How do you manage extracurricular activities?



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