Adding Art to Your Homeschool

Let me be honest for a minute.  I am not a fan of art.  Especially when my daughter was little, it was messy.  What working mom has time for a mess?  Right?

So, how do we fit art into our homeschool?  When we participated in Classical Conversations, my daughter fell in love with abstract art.  She loves to create abstract art and will spend hours working on a piece.  All I have to do is provide sketchbooks and colored pencils.  She loves doing this in the evenings or a slow weekend afternoon.

We sometimes attend 4-H workshops where an art project is being completed.  (We just attended a painting one a few weeks ago.)  Or, we have gone to paint parties which are popular in our area.

Our local community college also has some summer art workshops for children that are sometimes art based.

While Classical Conversations was great at covering artists and styles of art, I have yet to figure out the best way to cover this in our new schedule.  We have been using the Usborne Famous Artist Book  (you should review this book yourself before assigning to your child) to discuss some famous artwork.

In our state, music lessons are considered a fine art.  I’ve mentioned before, my child takes piano lessons.  We have also used The Story of the Orchestra to discuss music.

What are some ways your busy family covers art?

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