What About Christmas Break?

The holiday season is upon us.  I’m often asked if we take a Christmas break.  The answer is usually no.  Maybe Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas.

So why no Christmas break?  I’m usually off quite a bit around Christmas which means I’m home for full homeschool days.  That gives us extra time to work on a concept that is difficult where extra help is needed.

Plus, it’s normally too cold here to be outside much during this time of year.  Why not knock out school days now and take a little longer summer break?

Does your family take a break from school during the Christmas season?


3 thoughts on “What About Christmas Break?”

  1. We usually take breaks if we’re taking long trips. Other then that, like your family, we tend to homeschool throughout the holiday season. It’s funny when someone asks our daughter if she’s enjoying her Christmas break and she has to explain that she homeschools! How do you keep your homeschoolers focused? That’s the most challenging part for us.


    1. Yes, long trips for sure! As for keeping my daughter focused, I have found if I set a timer for 5 minutes between each subject for her to have a break, it helps her stay focused. As you may have read elsewhere on the blog, I do work outside the home part time. I sometimes think she will do better work and stay focused for others better than me! It depends on the day and subject I guess. But the five minute break between subjects with me is a lifesaver.

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