What I “Hire Done”

Someone recently wrote to ask if I have a housekeeper.  No.  (I’m all for it, but my husband is not.)  I do clean at 5am some days.

But, there are things that I do pay to have done.  I usually have something for the dry cleaners, so I do take my ironing and pay to have it done.  (I was never good at ironing and I find my time is worth more than what I pay to have it done.)

If I’m supposed to take food someplace and know preparation time is going to be an issue, I call a local catering company that is more than happy to do small orders.  Chicken salad for 10, cookies, cupcakes, pies – they have made it all for me when  I did not have time.

I also sometimes pay what may be a little extra for items we use regularly to be on Amazon Subscribe and Save.  I just don’t have to think about it and they show up at my front door.

Something else I don’t mind paying for is gift wrap.  We live in a small community and many of the businesses offer it as a complementary service when you purchase a gift from them.  Those that charge a few dollars?  I’m more than happy to pay- especially during the busy holiday season.

I homeschool my child.  I work.  I’m involved in a number of community activities.  I’m alright paying for these services and I try to save money in other places.

What do you pay to have done?



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