Grocery Shopping Game Changer

In the last year or so, Wal Mart began offering free two day shipping on orders over $35.  Friends, that’s been a game changer for me.

I’ve mentioned before I use Amazon Subscribe and Save for things like hygiene items, Oxiclean, dog food, Mrs. Myers products, etc.  I’ve also used Prime Pantry but I struggle with the shipping costs and figuring out what best fits in each box.

So, my friends laugh a me, but Wal Mart can make things like canned good, Oreos, broth, etc. show up at my door.  Sure, these items may be cheaper other places (the nearest Aldi is over 30 minutes away).  But this is a time saver for me during busy seasons of life.  If I’m in a town with an Aldi, I’m more than likely to stop and stock up on items we need from there.  But, when life doesn’t permit, I’m glad to order as much as I can online. (I can do it while I eat my lunch.)

How do you save time on grocery shopping?



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