Why 5am?

I was recently asked why I am up at 5am every day.  It’s not always my idea of fun- but I am by nature a morning person.  (I also like to be in bed by 8pm if possible!  No night owl here.)

Personally, I am most productive between 5:30 am (thanks, coffee) and noon.  If I’m up an hour or so before my family, I have a “jump start” on the day.  I spend this time by starting a load of laundry and then having a devotion (and a cup or two of coffee).  After that it’s on to bookwork for my husband and usually putting something in the crockpot for dinner.  Then we start our schoolwork for the day.

If early morning is most productive for your family, use that time to get a start on your day.  Maybe you are a night owl, use the evening hours to do the work you need to complete.

As a working homeschool parent, my schedule looks a lot different from other homeschool parents or just parents in general.  That’s ok with me- I’m doing what my family needs.  Do not feel guilty because the other homeschooling moms you know get up later or go to bed earlier.  We each need to do what’s best for our family- and for me that is why I wake up at 5am.


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