Our new schedule…

As you may remember reading, I went through a job change late fall.  The days and hours I work are different.  On days I work, our routine for school looks like this:

5am (or earlier)- I’m up and have my quiet time.  I also use this time to do the books for my husband’s business, do a load of laundry, start dinner in the crockpot or occasionally clean.

6:30am- School starts while we also eat some breakfast.  (No one here is much of a breakfast person.)  This is the time when we tackle new concepts in math and English if possible.  If time allows, it’s also a great time for piano practice or discussing science and history.

8:20am- Out the door.  I head to work and my child goes to wherever we have planned for her for the day. While she is at her planned location (it varies, but could be with Dad or grandparents or a sitter) she works on handwriting, spelling words, reading (she reads proficiently, so I assign reading and book reports almost weekly- depends on the length of the book), history/geography, science and then any review math or English I send with her.

Evening- When I arrive home in the evening, it’s usually before dinner.  We discuss her history and science and then finish anything we did not before we left in the morning.  I’ll usually have a little dinner prep left to do (though the slow cooker is my best friend).  I try to do a little cleaning each evening and prepare the next day’s school assignment (which I plan out a week at a time, so other than grading papers, this does not take long).

We also try and have family time in the evening during our school months.  In the summer, we all spend a lot of time outside and in the garden.

On days I am off, school work is done in the morning and then we often work on a 4-H project.

Please keep in mind, this schedule is what works for our family with me as a part time, employed, homeschooling mom.  It’s took me a couple of months of trial and error to find a schedule that works for our current situation.  I’d love to hear what works best for your family.


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