Involving your homeschooler in the community…

If you are a homeschooling parent, you have no doubt been asked, “but what about socialization” or “are they around other children?”  If I only knew how many times I’ve been asked those questions.

Because I work part time outside the home, I serve in a local community organization (Kiwanis Club) and on a few boards for community causes near and dear to me.  I sometimes, depending on the service project or event, take my homeschooler with me.  She has a chance not only to serve the community but learn from others who do as well- sometimes while her peers are sitting in a classroom.

Truth be told, she enjoys going to the weekly Kiwanis Club meetings with me- especially if we have a speaker that is about a topic of interest to her.

You don’t have to be in the same organizations or groups I’m in to give these opportunities to your homeschooler.  If you are part of an organization that serves the community, do you take your homeschooler?





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