Saving Time on Household Purchases

I was recently asked how I save time shopping.  I shared before that I do quite a bit of shopping online- so I can order when it’s convenient for me (or have it on subscription).  That maybe while I’m eating my lunch.  It may be while I’m waiting on my daughter at one of her activities.

This reader asked for specific examples of what I purchase online, so I thought I would share some of my Amazon subscribe and save items and a few items I order on a fairly regular basis with you.  (The links below are affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting this site.)


Toilet Paper  (This shows up at my house once a month so we do not run out.)

Dog food 

Dishwasher Detergent

These are just a few things I order on a regular basis.  Can you find them cheaper elsewhere?  Probably- but these are things I find it worth a little extra to have show up at my door on a regular basis.

I also order from Wal-Mart and have items show up at my door as well.  I do try and make a grocery run around twice a month.  I’ll add in a quick stop here and there for fresh items.

Do you order household items online regularly?



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