“Couponing” for the working homeschooling mom (or just the busy mom)…

Back when I worked full time, before we started our homeschool journey, I used to coupon a lot.  I worked in a location with a Kroger and CVS, so it was easy to do this on my lunch hour once a week.

As I changed jobs, started working part time, and homeschooling- I needed more time. Frankly, sometimes my time is worth money.  I didn’t have an hour to figure out the deals each week- and not longer worked near a Kroger (or Aldis).

I have found in the last few months (and I’m sure I’m way behind on this) that using store aps can help save you some money.  Two of my favorites are CVS and Kroger.  I have friends that love Ibotta- but that’s more time than I care to invest.  I can add CVS and Kroger coupons on their aps while the husband drives us somewhere or while I eat my lunch.  (If I’m going to Kroger, you can almost be sure I’m making a big grocery haul or am near one for another reason- I rarely make a special trip.)

Do you have any money saving aps you love?


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