Audio Books…A time saver for employed homeschooling moms!

I mentioned yesterday my daughter loves the Story of the World series.  I’m so thankful she has enjoyed reading it.  As a mom who works outside the home, it can be difficult to keep up with my child’s reading.  One new way I have recently discovered to help keep up is audio books.  I’m planning to start with Volume 3 (

I also plan to start searching out the audio for other books we read and also checking with our local library.  I’m in the car alone at least 40 minutes most days so this would be a way to make good use of that time.

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Another book for next year!

I have written before that we read through part of Story of the World this year.  She actually read (without complaint, as she enjoyed these) Volume 1 (, Volume 2 ( and most of Volume 3 (  Next school year, I hope to finish Volume 4 (  (We will finish Volume 3 as part of our summer reading.)

Because she enjoyed these so much, I decided to purchase this to consider for next year:


I think this Story of the World workbook for Volume 1 will be something we will both enjoy.  You can find it here: .

Although, I may order the workbook for Volume 4 and start there.  I’m still trying to decide.  My daughter really enjoys this series and I encourage you to check it out.  If you use Classical Conversations, I find it goes along well- especially with Foundations.

Do you have a great history resource to recommend?

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Meal Planning

I’m trying something different with meal planning.  I’m trying to spend about an hour on either Saturday or early Sunday morning preparing fruits and veggies for the week, instead of as needed.  (I’m sure you do this already…I mean why haven’t I tried this before, right?)

So I spent about an hour this morning doing this:


That’s my current menu plan on the bottom.  It’s likely to change, although as far as evening meetings go, this is a light week but tis the season to begin farming.

I should also clarify breakfast around here is usually eggs right now (thank you, chickens) and toast or eggs and turkey bacon or turkey sausage.  Lunches can be leftover, lunchmeat, etc.  I often have lunch meetings.

This is about the third week I have tried this and it seems to be working well.  Do you have any meal planning tips?

Thinking about homeschooling next year?

Are you thinking about homeschooling next year for the first time?  Or are you a seasoned homeschool parent trying to make plans for next year?

I find it helpful to talk to some seasoned homeschool moms each year- especially if I a considering a curriculum with which they have had experience.  At the same time, I recently had lunch with a friend who is considering homeschooling for the first time.

Interestingly, this blog was born out of the number of conversations I’ve had about how I manage to be employed outside the home and homeschool- so folks could have my daily schedule, what we use, to refer to when they needed it.

Many enjoy going to homeschool conventions and practicums.  For me, it’s sometimes difficult to rearrange my work schedule to make that happen and most in my area on weekdays.  But if you can attend, they can be useful.

It is possible to homeschool and work outside the home?  Absolutely.  Be flexible and willing to find a schedule that works for you.  Find a seasoned homeschool parent who can help you. (Feel free to message me, I’d love to attempt to answer your questions.)


Extracurricular Summer Activities

Summer can be a lot of fun- and super busy!  We choose to continue a few extracurricular activities in the summer, while letting some break.

Of course, summer is a busy time with children’s programming at church at 4-H.  We choose to continue piano lessons in the summer, but take a break from our weekly physical activity so we can take swimming lessons instead.

While our local library has a wonderful summer reading program, you have to attend once a week, and it is while I’m at the office.  We will visit the library for fun reading books and I have purchased a few from this series for summer reading as well:

We’ll also be outside a lot…and in the garden a lot.

Are you ready for summer?

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Planning a summer schedule…

It’s time (for me at least) to start planning ahead for a summer schedule.  We are winding down our school year. I have the church summer calendar for the kids and I have a decent idea on the 4-H calendar.

So why start planning now?  So many of these fun activities will take place while I’m at work.  Our church is in the same town as my job.  So there will be a handful of days that I’ll drop her off at church in the morning and pick her up with about an hour left at the office.  That will be a good time to schedule in summer reading.

We are still trying to figure out church camp, but there’s a chance I’ll rearrange my schedule to go.  As for 4-H, I switch my schedule around 4-H week.  (I am blessed to  be able to switch around hours/ day off when needed.)

There’s other things going on the calendar as well.  I just have to figure out where to put them.  However, because I work outside the home, it’s important I plan these things in advance so my job is covered- and my child has a great summer as well.

How do you schedule your summer?

Planning for next school year…

My Abeka order for next school year arrived last week.  I’m naturally (well, for the most part) a planner.   Why would I order in March for next school year?

My job is pretty busy during the month of June and July is always busy.  My husband’s business makes spring (and fall) busy in general.  It’s fresh on my mind the changes I want to make after summer break next year.  So really, it’s just a good time for me to order.

In reality, I’m still trying to figure out a few subjects and am studying the Classical Conversations catalog.  But it’s a start.

Do you have any tips on planning for next school year?