When Homeschooling Seems Hard

It’s the time of year many struggle with homeschooling.  The weather is often less than idea and we get stuck in the rut of the daily grind.  Many of us choose homeschooling for a variety of reasons.  It’s when we find ourselves in a difficult season of homeschooling that I need to remind myself why I choose to homeschool.

May you be blessed as you homeschool today.


When Math Seems Hard…


Math is a subject in which many students struggle.  While I use Abeka math, we have found that Kumon Workbooks work well when extra practice is needed to master a subject or concept.  You can find a variety of Kumon Workbooks at the link below.  (They do offer more than math.)


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What About Field Trips?

Field trips, especially since I work, can be tricky.  When the homeschool groups we are a part of go on group trips, I’m often at the office and will have something scheduled where I just can’t get away.  (Thankfully, my job is flexible, but sometimes I just cannot make it work.)

So, how do you fit in field trips?  For us, we often make it a part of our family vacation.  National Parks, an active rock mine, aquariums, NASA…we have done all that as a day or so of a weeklong vacation or long weekend.

I suggest you find what works best for your schedule.  Maybe you can go to a local museum on a weekend (we have done that too).  Maybe you can make your schedule work to go when other local homeschool families take a field trip.  Or maybe it’s a nature walk through your local park.  Just do what works best for your schedule.

Have you been on an exciting field trip lately?  I would love to hear about it.

Our current book report read…

As an employed homeschooling mom, I often find an easy subject for my student when she is in the care of others is to work on a book report.  She reads a book within a certain time frame and writes a report.  This works well with our schedule.

Here’s the most current book she is reading…


You can find it here: http://amzn.to/2lfgRkG

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I’d love to hear your book report book suggestions!

Saturday School!?!

One thing that has worked well for us since the beginning of our homeschool adventure is have school on Saturday, especially in the winter.  Some weeks we use it as a catch up if we were behind in what I had planned in a subject.

Other weeks, we have a full blown day of school and a six day school week.   (We do take a summer break, so one day closer does not hurt, right?)

Some weeks, we may use a Saturday for a special project.  Sometimes, we have no school on Saturday at all and do something fun as a family.

Maybe you work on Saturday, but have another day off thorough the week to use as a catch up day, or even make a six day school week.  I’d love to hear what works for your family.

Book Reports

One way we incorporate reading for fun, yet some additional learning into our homeschool, is to write book reports.  I let my student pick the book she would like to read, which is currently an American Girl book (this is the one she is reading now: http://amzn.to/2l4iD95 ) (If you purchase from our link, a small portion of your purchase will go back to our site.  Thank you for your support.)

I usually give her a set time to read a book- around two weeks- then she has two days to write the report.  Not only does this help teach time management, but lets her choose what she wants to read.

This is something that works well for us.  I encourage you to do what works for you.  (A side note, book reports are in addition to her Abeka reading curriculum.)


Making Extra Curricular Activities a Part of Your Homeschool

Even though I work outside the home and we homeschool,  I still want my child to be in extra curricular activities.  One way we do that is to include them into our homeschool curriculum.

For instance, I believe music education is important- and while I can read music- well, that’s about it.  So each week my child takes piano lessons and practices daily.  We have a fine art covered and I often answer e-mails or return calls while she is in her lesson.

Another way I incorporate activities into our homeschool is through 4-H.  Both my husband and I are 4-H alumni and believe this is a great program for youth.  I try to help my child pick out projects I know will be studying through the course of the year.  We then incorporate those projects into a particular unit of study.  So she has some hands on fun and a 4-H project completed all in one.  For us, this is another way we try and manage time.

We have other activities outside the home as well- including one for physical education.  These are just ways that we try to incorporate activities into our homeschooling.  Again, find the activities and schedule that work best for you.