Menu Plan

I’ve been asked a few times lately about how I plan menus and what or when I cook.  I look at my calendar for the coming week to see what days I have to be gone early or will be home late.  Late evenings especially are normally in the crockpot.  Here’s what I’m planning this week:

Monday- Crockpot ham and beans and cornbread.  (I will mix up the cornbread as I put the ham and beans in the crockpot on Monday.  I’ll put the mix in the fridge and bake it when we are ready to eat.)

Tuesday- Carryout Pizza

Wednesday- We have a meal at church each Wednesday night.

Thursday- Crockpot meatballs, mashed potatoes and a vegetable (I feel like we eat mashed potatoes all the time, but they are my daughter’s favorite food, so I try to make them once a week.  I peel them and put them in the crockpot in the morning and they are ready to mash at dinner.)

Friday- Pork cutlets and vegetables

I will try to post my crockpot meatball recipe when I make it on Thursday.

This menu plan is a little vague as my daughter spent last weekend under the weather and I had a meeting every. single. night. last week which means I have not been grocery shopping.  I’ll be in the same town as Aldi on Tuesday, so with the exception of a few basics, I am holding off on shopping until Tuesday.

Breakfast next week will be eggs and turkey sausage most mornings.  Lunches vary depending on where we all are (and it looks like a few lunch meetings for me).

I try to keep it pretty simple!  Do you have any meal planning tips to share?


Crockpot Chicken and Noodles

crockpot ch 1.jpg

Here’s an easy- but maybe not the most healthy- meal for a busy day!

Crockpot Chicken and Noodles

2 frozen skinless chicken breasts

1 can cream of mushroom (or cream of chicken) soup

1/2 cup sour cream

pepper to taste

egg noodles (I try for about 2-3 cups cooked)

Spray crockpot with a non stick cooking spray.  Cook chicken mixture on low in the crockpot all day.  When it’s done, it should shred easily with a fork.  About an hour before serving, cook egg noodles of your choice in boiling water on the stove.  When they are done, drain and add to crockpot.


That’s it!  I don’t recommend letting the noodles stay in the crockpot more than a few hours of they loose texture.  We also like the Amish noodles as pictured, but eggs noodles work great too.

I’ll be serving this this evening with mashed potatoes (the potatoes are cooking in a second slow cooker) and will make peas when I get home.

For me, this is a great meal on busy days that I almost always have the items needed to make it.  It can also easily be doubled to feed a larger family.  My recipe feeds the three of us with leftovers.

Do you have an easy slow cooker meal idea?

Preparing for next year… a great DVD!

I’m still trying to decide on a lot of things for Classical Conversations next year.  I’ve personally been in the process of some spring cleaning and I found our Liberty Kids DVD series.  As we will be on Cycle 3, which is American history, this is a great addition to your home to reinforce the history memory work.

My daughter loved this series at age 5 and still loves this series at age 8.  We have this Liberty Kids DVD series but you may also see if your library has it available for check out as well.

While we do not encourage a lot of screen time, we do seem to find ourselves on the road quite a bit, especially in the spring and fall.  My daughter enjoys watching the DVDs while we are traveling and they can be a fun treat at home as well.  (It’s also a good time to listen to the CC CD’s.)

If you are like me and on the rare occasion have your child at work with you, this is a good option to take in a portable DVD player at well- especially if you have something pressing.

Do you have any great suggestions to go with CC Cycle 3?

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Words on Wednesday


I’m continuing my series on our summer schedule this week.  While I do encourage reading every day, I insist on reading some kind of book on Wednesday in the summer.  I try to buy some fun ones ahead of summer and we also use the library.  Normally the reading occurs at home, but give the day, I may send it with her for the day.

Right now, we are enjoying a couple of books from the library.  (Disclaimer, my child specifically asked for a Spanish and Latin book and of course a Barbie collector book was nearby.   Also, CC friends, this is Latin nouns, etc.)

As for Thursday, Friday and the weekend…it’s summer.  If she wants to do something great, but I do not expect any type of schoolwork.  Sometimes our Tuesday project will spill over though, and that’s fine.

Do you have a summer schedule that works for your family?

Tuesday is for Projects

I’m writing this week about changing over to our summer schedule.  Tuesday is for projects, as it’s normally my day off.  So I have all day, once Classical Conversations concludes for the year, to focus on projects.

Early on in the spring, the focus is completing 4-H projects.  These can reinforce things we have studied or be new concepts.  (I try to work several in our curriculum throughout the year, but garden for example, is hard to work on in December.)  As summer progresses, we may work on a fun art project or do a homemaking project.  It’s different each week depending on what we need to do and what sounds fun.

Tuesdays are also sometimes a fun trip.  You never know what we will decide to do on Tuesdays.  Is there a project or something fun you enjoy working on in the summer?

Monday Math


As we begin to transition to a summer schedule around here, one thing we do is math on Mondays.  It helps keep us in practice of what we learned throughout the course of the year.

Personally, I like to use the Kumon workbooks.  (We sometimes use these for extra practice too.)  They are inexpensive and are a break from our normal Abeka math textbook.

You can find several of the Kumon math workbooks here.

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