What we are reading:

Reading is something my student can get in while I’m at work with minimal help.  I assign a book report on 99% of the books she reads.  What we are reading right now:

What was Pearl Harbor?

Wonder  (I read this book before having my student read it- I couldn’t put it down.)

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What is your student reading?



Summer Reading

As I think about wrapping up school for our rapidly approaching summer break, I like to have a stack of books ready for summer reading.  Our local library has a summer reading program (which revolves around the public school schedule), but you have to attend an event weekly, and it’s while I’m at the office.

So, I’m looking for some good books for my child to read this summer.  What are your suggestions?

When Math Seems Hard…


Math is a subject in which many students struggle.  While I use Abeka math, we have found that Kumon Workbooks work well when extra practice is needed to master a subject or concept.  You can find a variety of Kumon Workbooks at the link below.  (They do offer more than math.)


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Our current book report read…

As an employed homeschooling mom, I often find an easy subject for my student when she is in the care of others is to work on a book report.  She reads a book within a certain time frame and writes a report.  This works well with our schedule.

Here’s the most current book she is reading…


You can find it here: http://amzn.to/2lfgRkG

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I’d love to hear your book report book suggestions!

Use your library…

Reading is certainly an important part, if not the foundation, of education.  Especially when it comes to history and science, we often use our local library to check out books on the subject of study.  It’s also a great way to save a little money while homeschooling.

I try to plan out our Classical Conversations schedule so I know about a week ahead if I need to ask our library to order a book from another one so we have it in time.  When you work and homeschool, planning is often key in this situation.

If you haven’t tried it already- use your local library.

World Wars I and II Resource


Currently we are studying WWII- and just finished WWI.  (Our history schedule does go along with Classical Conversations.)  One resource I have found helpful, and you may too, is The World Wars, An Introduction to the First & Second World Wars by Usborne Books.

This book is packed full of information and engaging photos.  My daughter has really enjoyed reading it.

We often use the library as a resource for books on subjects we are studying, but given this is a topic we study for several weeks (and will in future years as well), I decided to purchase the book.

If Usborne still publishes this book, I am unaware.  I found my copy on Ebay.