Saving time (and money) on shopping for clothes…

Continuing this week’s shopping theme, how do I find time to shop for clothes?  I’m not much of a clothes shopper, nor is my daughter.  So, many of our clothes are purchased online.

If we are looking for pants, especially for my daughter, it’s likely we are going to the store to try on or I’m ordering with free return shipping online.  I have a couple of brands of pants I like and know what size I wear in them, so I can order online.

However, if it’s shirts or a brand of pants that I know what size fits, we love these online options:

thredUp is an online consignment store that offers great quality used (and sometimes new) clothing.  I’ve been pleased with my purchases here.  If you haven’t ordered from thredUp before you can follow my referral link for $10 off your first purchase. is another online consignment store that offers clothing, toys and a few household items.  Again, I’ve been pleased with my purchases here.

Amazon is another place I like to shop for clothing and especially shoes as many items have free return if they do not fit.  This is a huge timesaver for me.

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