Mom Guilt

Does “Mom Guilt” ever get the best of you?  I recently came up with a whole list of things:

-birthday party, being held a month after her birthday, rescheduled for reasons beyond my control

-compared to her kids, we do not do enough chores

-compared to that family, maybe I am not doing enough with our history and science

-compared to their family, I should be making her run her own little business

-feeling like I don’t spend enough time with her

I’m so thankful that I don’t have to do all those things (ok, yes, I do have to reschedule the party).  God isn’t necessarily calling us to live that that family or her kids.  He may be calling each out us to something different for our child/children or our families.  That’s ok.

We are not all going to have a child involved in sports.  Or a math whiz.  Or a livestock showman.  You get the idea.

God will provide what our families need when we need it.  Don’t let “Mom Guilt” get the best of you.