Our new schedule…

As you may remember reading, I went through a job change late fall.  The days and hours I work are different.  On days I work, our routine for school looks like this:

5am (or earlier)- I’m up and have my quiet time.  I also use this time to do the books for my husband’s business, do a load of laundry, start dinner in the crockpot or occasionally clean.

6:30am- School starts while we also eat some breakfast.  (No one here is much of a breakfast person.)  This is the time when we tackle new concepts in math and English if possible.  If time allows, it’s also a great time for piano practice or discussing science and history.

8:20am- Out the door.  I head to work and my child goes to wherever we have planned for her for the day. While she is at her planned location (it varies, but could be with Dad or grandparents or a sitter) she works on handwriting, spelling words, reading (she reads proficiently, so I assign reading and book reports almost weekly- depends on the length of the book), history/geography, science and then any review math or English I send with her.

Evening- When I arrive home in the evening, it’s usually before dinner.  We discuss her history and science and then finish anything we did not before we left in the morning.  I’ll usually have a little dinner prep left to do (though the slow cooker is my best friend).  I try to do a little cleaning each evening and prepare the next day’s school assignment (which I plan out a week at a time, so other than grading papers, this does not take long).

We also try and have family time in the evening during our school months.  In the summer, we all spend a lot of time outside and in the garden.

On days I am off, school work is done in the morning and then we often work on a 4-H project.

Please keep in mind, this schedule is what works for our family with me as a part time, employed, homeschooling mom.  It’s took me a couple of months of trial and error to find a schedule that works for our current situation.  I’d love to hear what works best for your family.


It’s alright to have a different schedule…

Working Momma,  I know you are often tired and worn out.  If you are like me, the vast majority of your homeschooling mom friends are full time moms.  That’s ok, there is no contest here.  We each need to do what God has called us to do for our family.

But, friend, if you are anything like me you find yourself sometimes frustrated.  My child does homework at 6:30 am while someone else’s child may not start until 9 am- and your child is of the age they realize the difference.

Or my biggest struggle is we cannot go on that field trip or fun group outing yet again because my schedule cannot be changed for the week due to some meeting or appointment.  I let mom guilt get the best of me- especially when my child knows about the trip I cannot make work.

Let me encourage you- it’s just fine to have a schedule to meet the needs of your family.  Your child will forget about that fun trip or have time for a different activity because your schedule looks different. God has called each of us to serve our families- but it’s going to look different for all of us regardless if we work full time, part time or stay home full time.  So, if you see a fellow homeschooling mom doing something you wish you had the time to do, do not despair- just do your very best.  It’s alright to be on a different schedule and not keep up with the rest of the homeschooling world.




Handling Busy

Busy.  It’s almost an ugly word some days, but some would say something expected in our society.  With work commitments, volunteer opportunities and activities for my daughter…it can get busy.  I’m looking at next week’s schedule (you figured it out, I write and schedule publishing ahead of time most weeks) in my planner and I’ll be home one night between extracurricular activities, church, work meetings and other commitments.

How do I handle school with all this going on?  For one, I know I have a chunk of time on Saturday morning to finish up any one on one work we did not get completed Monday-Friday.  So, while I plan on six days of school this week, I’m only planning five lessons in each subject.  If we fall behind someplace, we have time to make it up.  If we do not fall behind, I’ll add in day six of lessons for the week.  (One day closer to summer break.)

With the exception of one evening, I’ll be home a while with our daughter between work and the commitments starting.  So that will provide time to finish up one on one work.

I would also add, the crockpot will be my friend this week.  We will probably be gone enough the house will not be horrible.  (I do try to clean one room a day.  Try is a key word.)

Do you have any tips for handling busy?



Planning for the Unexpected…

Our homeschool day often starts at 6:30 am.  It never fails that at least once every few weeks I’ll get a call about an urgent issue at work and I need to speed off.  We may be in the middle of a lesson.  What to do?

I’ve found what works best for me in this situation is to either have my husband take over, if he’s home, or to wait until I’m home in the evening to finish it. I try to keep a block of time in my evenings for situations like this…but it’s not always the case.  Then there are the nights that I call in pizza and instead of cooking I teach English or math.

When you are employed and homeschool, it’s likely this situation will come up from time to time.  Try to plan the best you can for those times and offer yourself grace.  Do what works for your family.

Why I do not take a lot of breaks…

Those that know me in real life know I try to plan our school schedule around my farmer.  He seems to need me to do more running for him in the spring than the fall.

Our state requires 180 day of homeschool.  We do that.  Be we often start school in early August, before the public school students go back.  I personally do not like to take a lot of breaks in the school year.  Family vacation, a few days at Christmas, but that’s about it.  We push through the school year (including a lot of Saturdays) with the goal to be done in early spring.

Another reason we push and do not take a lot of breaks is my job.  There’s usually one week in October that is crazy busy for me.  I will often adjust the school schedule that week to get it all done.  So, while we may miss a day in October, we have had school every Thanksgiving Day since started our journey.

This crazy schedule may not work for you, but it works for our family.  I often plan my days around meetings.  While we do school most mornings before I leave for work, there are some days we do it all in the evening.

Let me encourage you to find what works for you.  It is possible to homeschool and be employed.  Your schedule just may not look like the rest of the world- and that’s ok.

Our current book report read…

As an employed homeschooling mom, I often find an easy subject for my student when she is in the care of others is to work on a book report.  She reads a book within a certain time frame and writes a report.  This works well with our schedule.

Here’s the most current book she is reading…


You can find it here: http://amzn.to/2lfgRkG

(If you purchase from the link above, a small portion of your purchase goes to support this site.  Thank you for your support.)

I’d love to hear your book report book suggestions!

Saturday School!?!

One thing that has worked well for us since the beginning of our homeschool adventure is have school on Saturday, especially in the winter.  Some weeks we use it as a catch up if we were behind in what I had planned in a subject.

Other weeks, we have a full blown day of school and a six day school week.   (We do take a summer break, so one day closer does not hurt, right?)

Some weeks, we may use a Saturday for a special project.  Sometimes, we have no school on Saturday at all and do something fun as a family.

Maybe you work on Saturday, but have another day off thorough the week to use as a catch up day, or even make a six day school week.  I’d love to hear what works for your family.