Science and 4-H wrapped into one…


In the last week or so we have attempted to start some houseplants from seed.  My homeschooler is responsible for watering them and charting their growth.  (Edit, I really hope they grow.)

Not only is this a science lesson, but if they grow, they can be shown at 4-H Show.  It’s a two for one project- which is one way I try to save time as working homeschooling mom.

Maybe you do not have a 4-Her, but are in another organization such as scouting.  Are there ways for you to have two in one projects?  Have you completed a two in one project before?  I’d love to hear about it!


Science supplemental reading

As you may remember, I’ve been struggling with the “right” science curriculum.  I’ve been using The Answers Books for Kids from Answers in Genesis as some supplemental reading to go along with what we are working on in science (which at the moment is geology).  You can check them out through the affiliate link above or check with your local library.

I think we have decided to stick out the year with what we are using and transition to something new next year.  Apologia has come highly recommended to me, as has some material from Answers in Genesis.  If you have other suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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